Fabulous! Detour Man Audiobook

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Fabulous! Detour Man Audiobook
Fascinating and totally credible.
[Ice Cream Man, verified].
There are some really wonderfully odd dudes in this sometimes humorous, sometimes soulful read…
[Baseball Man, verified]

High School Syllabus: Shakespeare, Geometry, Murder.

A high school teacher is not your typical murder victim, and with two P.I. Vinnie Briggs intends to find the connection. And dangerous enough that he hires Rita Light, a martial arts champion, as a co-investigator.

Vinnie seeks clues in standard crime data while Rita looks to the bedroom. The evidence suggests vengeance the motive. The data follows a pattern. With one exception.

Bullying, team sports, beautiful men and women, and martial arts for unconventional sex brings an investigation like no other. Outlier Man is a tale of vigilantism and its consequences. A modern morality twist that awards an F to school rules intended to protect students and don’t.

So begins an investigation like no other, full of high school sports, teenagers, beautiful men and women, and martial arts tailored for sex. Outlier Man shows the good and bad of vigilantism to a surprising conclusion.

A laconic tale of morality that question the efficacy of rules.