Fabulous! Detour Man Audiobook

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Fabulous! Detour Man Audiobook
“A wonderful romp of a novel...An engaging read, well conceived and well executed.”
Steve, [Amazon verified.]

I have no hesitation in recommending it to crime readers...
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Desperation makes for mistakes. Fatal mistakes.
Vinnie Briggs knows he desperately seeks a family, companionship, and sex. But when he tries to help his neighbors with their baby, he gets more than he bargained for.
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When Vinnie says he’ll help, he means it, even if it kills you.

Generosity has limits. Neighbors have boundaries. Vinnie Briggs ignores these details with fatal consequences.
Vinnie is in San Francisco, away from his husband, a professional bodybuilder based in NYC. With only a homeless ex-ballplayer and a Boston Terrier for company, Vinnie is lonely and miserable until two women move next door. They seem to have the perfect relationship, and their pregnancy inspires Vinnie. Acting like a good neighbor, he offers to help with the baby, stand in as a father figure in place of the unknown donor.
Then everything goes sideways. The donor is a rapist, and the mother-to-be refuses to press charges. Is it fear or blame-the-victim syndrome? The father’s true identity shocks Vinnie. Something is terribly wrong. With the ex-ballplayer and dog’s help, Vinnie uncovers a web of deceit, duplicity, and a sexual identity crisis.
Forget the women. Vinnie wants a baby with his husband—not easy for two gay men. Then a dead body changes his focus, especially with his arrest for murder. Vinnie’s new priority is to stop a killer freely roaming San Francisco. To trap the murderer, he needs exoneration and release from jail, because the cops don’t get it. The plan might succeed, depending on how success is measured.
Baseball Man comprises murder, ambiguity, muscular men, gay sex, an eccentric ex-baseball player, and a dog with issues.
This book is the second in the VB Story Series, following on the success of Ice Cream Man. See also Detour Man, the third book in the VB series.
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