Fabulous! Detour Man Audiobook

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Fabulous! Detour Man Audiobook

A Columbia grad student’s dead—neck broken. A young actress’s dead—bones smashed. The police charge Gunter Hoffmann, a Jurassic-sized bodybuilder. PI Vinnie Briggs knows this another example of the police jumping to the obvious and wrong conclusion.

Two terrorists frame Gunter for the murders to stop him from identifying them.  Can Vinnie find their connection to Gunter? If not, many will die and Gunter faces life in prison.

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Charles Puccia

Charles Puccia writes the Vinnie Briggs Mystery and Thriller novels. He captures classic themes that resonate across place and time. His settings range from New York to California to Sicily charged with action, mystery, suspense, and romantic entanglements—of all kinds. His diverse characters cross irony with harsh romance. The Vinnie Briggs Series is gaining wide recognition, especially the companion audiobooks.

  • Ice Cream Man (No 1): Obsessions (Published) (N.B. Mature and descriptive, intended for readers that like detail.)
  • Baseball Man (No 2): Inclusion (Published) (N.B. Mature and descriptive, intended for readers that like detail.)
  • Outlier Man (No 3): Entitlement resulting in abuse.
  • Detour Man (No 4):  Fear.
  • Salt & Pepper Man (No 5): Betrayal. (Pre-publication)
  • His novels contain sex, crime, vigilante justice, and mature scenes, akin to intense romance novels. The mysteries show substantial character development, authentic dialog to go with good narration, and a storyline with broad emotional and social depth.

5-stars Captivating characters and a cleverly designed plot. Highly recommended to anybody enjoys a good mystery.

A ‘Wishing Shelf’ Book Review

Detour Man had me from the beginning when the colossal diesel, Gunter Hoffman, walked into the aptly named office of BIG (Briggs Investigative Group). Desperately lonely and suffering from a severe case of body dysmorphia, Gunter becomes the unwitting victim of a murder frame-up. As if he didn’t have enough troubles already…

Excellent dialogue comes to life by the first-rate narrator. The characters are vivid, the pacing is quick yet there is depth to this story. It is relevant and entertaining, a great read all around.

Peggy White